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Contracts and Obligations Law

What is a Contract?


Contracts are agreements in which certain obligations are created between the parties and these obligations are legally enforceable, and they are formed based on the will of the parties. When making a contract, factors such as the parties' agreement, the subject of the agreement, mutual obligations and mutual acceptance are important.


Contract Elements:

  • Sides: Persons who are parties to the contract must have legal capacity.

  • Subject:The subject of the contract should specify the qualities of the goods or services.

  • Reciprocity: Equality and balance must be ensured between the parties.

  • Freedom of Treatment:The parties reach an agreement with their free will.

  • Being Specific and Precise: Contract terms must be stated clearly and concisely.

Our services:

  • Contract Creation and Review: Contracts are the cornerstone of business. Creating contracts specific to the needs of businesses and reviewing existing contracts

  • Contract Negotiations and Revision:We represent our clients in negotiations between the parties and determine legal risks.

  • Contract Breach and Dispute Management: We provide consultancy in cases of non-performing contracts or contract violations and take the necessary steps to defend rights through arbitration or litigation in cases of dispute.

  • Legal Risk Analysis:We evaluate the legal risks of existing or potential transactions of businesses, inform our clients about these risks and offer solution suggestions.

  • Legal Consultancy: We provide consultancy to our clients on legal problems you may encounter while directing your business, projects or personal transactions.


What is the Law of Obligations?

Law of Obligations deals with the debts arising from legal relations as well as contracts and the fulfillment of these debts. Law of Obligations examines how to regulate the legal relations between the parties and the rights and obligations arising from these relations.

  • Debt and Credit Relationship:In a debt relationship, it refers to the situation where a debtor person or organization is under an obligation to do, give or not do something. Debtor has a dispute against the creditorrç must perform.

  • Fulfillment of Debts: The debt is fulfilled by delivering goods or services to the creditor or by performing a certain action. Performance refers to the fulfillment of the debt by the debtor.

  • Violation of Debts:Debts are based on contracts and legal relationships. If the debt is not fulfilled on time or as required, the debt is breached. In this case, the creditor may request the performance of the debtor.

  • Compensation and Default: If one party does not fulfill its obligation, the other party may suffer losses. Default refers to the damage resulting from the violation made by the debtor. In case of default, the creditor may take the other party to court to demand compensation for his losses.

  • Compensation for Damage: Compensation for the damage caused by the debtor includes the compensation of the creditor's damage by the counterparty.

  • Invalidity and Cancellation: In some cases, situations may occur where contracts or debts are void or canceled. These situations may arise due to reasons such as error, fraud, or algebra.

  • Dispute Resolution: Disputes arising in the field of contracts and debts are usually resolved in the courts. The parties may file a lawsuit to resolve the dispute.

Law of Contracts and Obligations is a field that includes basic legal principles but also includes detailed and diverse subjects. It has an important place in legal systems in order to prevent legal uncertainties and protect the rights of the parties.

servicesOur values are:

  • Debt and Credit Relations: We provide consultancy to our clients to manage the debt and receivable relations of your business or personal projects, arrange payments and ensure legal compliance.

  • Contract Analysis and Review:We evaluate potential risks in contracts regulating existing or potential debt relationships and offer solution suggestions.

  • Debt Violation and Disputes: We provide legal support to our clients in case of non-performance of debts or contract violations. In cases of dispute, we resort to arbitration or litigation.

  • Arbitration and Litigation Representation: We provide representation to our clients in arbitration or litigation in disputes arising from the law of obligations.

  • Debt Collection and Enforcement Procedures: We initiate enforcement proceedings by managing the collection processes of your receivables.

  • Legal Consultancy:We provide consultancy to our clients on legal problems you may encounter in your debt relations.

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